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Jason RalphJason Ralph

Professor in International Relations, and Head of School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds

Professor Jason Ralph is currently engaged in research on a project called the “Responsibility to Protect and Prosecute. The political sustainability of liberal norms in an age of shifting power balances.” It is part funded by an ESRC Seminar Series award, an RCUK award and a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship. He is also involved in the White Rose Consortium “Responsibility to Protect and Humanity: A Study on the Idea of Human Interconnectedness” led by Adrian Gallagher. This research agenda builds on his British Academy Fellowship research, which was held 2012-13.

Edward NewmanEdward Newman

Professor in International Security, School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds

Ted works in international security studies, broadly defined. Within this field, his interests lie in a number of areas: theoretical security studies, including critical approaches and ‘human security’; intrastate armed conflict, civil war, intervention and political violence; international organizations and multilateralism; and peacebuilding and reconstruction in conflict-prone and post-conflict societies. He is the editor of the journal Civil Wars and a founding executive editor of International Relations of the Asia Pacific.

Cristina StefanCristina Stefan

Lecturer in International Relations, School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds

Dr Cristina Stefan’s research has focused on the evolution and consequences of international norms and institutions, issues related to human rights, intervention, international criminal justice, and especially on the debates surrounding the normative diffusion of the various components of the responsibility to protect agenda. Cristina’s publications include a monograph on Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect: Security and Human Rights (Routledge 2011, 2012), and articles in journals such as International Studies Perspectives, Canadian Journal of Political Science, International Studies Journal, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, International Criminal Law Review, Global Governance and Security Dialogue (published as Badescu). Cristina is also a Senior Analyst with the Global Governance Institute in Brussels, and a Co-Convener of the BISA Work Group on Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect.

Adrian GallagherAdrian Gallagher

Associate Professor in International Security, School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds

Dr Adrian Gallagher's research interests lie broadly in International Relations Theory (principally the English School), Genocide and Mass Violence, the Responsibility to Protect and Research Methods. He is Co-Convener of the British International Studies Association Work Group on Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect (IR2PWG) with Dr. Cristina Stefan (University of Leeds) and Dr Aidan Hehir (University of Westminster).

James SouterJames Souter

Lecturer in International Relations, School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds

Dr James Souter focuses on states’ special responsibilities to protect human rights, with particular reference to asylum, refugee protection and the ‘responsibility to protect’. He is currently contributing to a project entitled ‘The Responsibility to Protect in the Context of the Continuing “War on Terror”: A Study of Liberal Interventionism and the Syrian Crisis’ with Jason Ralph, Rachel Utley and Derek Edyvane, funded by Research Councils UK. James completed a DPhil entitled ‘Asylum as Reparation’ at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, in 2014. He is co-author of ‘A special responsibility to protect. Australia, the UK and the rise of Islamic State’ International Affairs, July 2015.

Benedict Docherty

PhD researcher, School of Politics & International Studies, University of Leeds

Ben is completing his PhD – funded by a POLIS Research Studentship – which examines the cases of Cote d’Ivoire, Libya and Syria to assess how tensions over the practice of liberal intervention affect the sustainability of the solidarist society of states typified by R2P, given that R2P legitimates multilateral humanitarian intervention. Ben has served as a Co-Convenor of the British International Studies Association Postgraduate Network and is currently the PGR Rep of the BISA Working Group on Intervention and Responsibility to Protect. Since 2013 he has administered the ESRC funded seminar series project – The Responsibility to Protect and Prosecute.